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Britney Spears - Work Bitch Lyrics MetroLyrics

Britney Spears may have titled her new single "Me Against
The Music," but she has rarely been more creatively in tune
than she is right now. "I feel like I've hit a great new
stride as an artist," she says with pride. "I've worked
hard, and I feel like I've grown on so many levels."
In truth, "Me Against The Music" is hardly about declaring
war against grooves. "Actually, it's about the intensity
that people approach music with," Britney shares. "It's
about getting totally lost in the music and pushing
yourself to the edge in every More...

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Submit Britney Spears New Lyrics
Review about Britney Spears songs

Mohammad Zein | Reviewer: Mohammad Zein

    ------ About the song Scream And Shout performed by Britney Spears
those who says this generation music sucks are dumb ass,music will stay music,the sound only matters,and the feeling,this is a great music,so are the oldies(eminem ,micheal jackson ,tupack,and the beattless),and for those saying will i am voice aint good,well will i am has the most unique style ever ,no one couldnt agree with that,and this song is a video tape that focus on style,not meaning,read books if you want meaningful words

I love you too much | Reviewer: Daniel

    ------ About the song Circus (Twister Rave Remix) performed by Britney Spears
I propose marriage to you I want to live togrther with you and have a family, I hear your music all the entire day and I too much in love with you, do you want to be married with me?

Sometimes | Reviewer: Miss Fall in Love

    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by Britney Spears
days ago my friend shuffle this song in the office. it brought me back to the 90s. well when I read the lyric, it apparently describes the same situation in my life. lol. yeah somebody I met a month ago is so intense interacting with me. he's my friend's neighbor and workmate. he gave me signal that he interested in me but I'm unsure whether he's the right man for me or not. We just met a month ago and it can't be this fast. I need to know him more but I'm not ready to lose him if I reject him. I just need time.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Aleesha

    ------ About the song Old City of Mine (Demo) performed by Britney Spears
If britney sings this in her own way. YES it will be amazing, need more songs like this which she can sing from her heart. I love britney but to comeback this may not be enough, however it will be grey on her 8 album. The song is good and if britney sang it.WOW.

This song is terrible | Reviewer: captainunderwear

    ------ About the song Scream And Shout performed by Britney Spears
I hate this song it has no meaning. The youth of this generation has ought to be more attentive to the meaningful songs of the past. This, this is just garbage. I bet I could write a better song than this. Honestly, this Will.I.Am. likes to exploit people with his meaningless songs. I won't criticize Britney Spears, because she has had some good songs(In the past, however this is what it's come to).

I liked it. | Reviewer: Noddy

    ------ About the song Scream And Shout performed by Britney Spears
I'm not a really big fan of either artists but, I do listen to their music, this song is really catchy. Let people say what they want to say whether it be a good opinion or not 'cause by the end of the day nothing matters we'll be dead. (PS sorry for the long ass comment and the boring speech, peace out and tunechi!)

stop h8in and get off the website | Reviewer: Dani

    ------ About the song Scream And Shout performed by Britney Spears
This is an amazing song ment to be easy and catchy so what if it repetitive so are commercial jingles and I don't see you bashing those so just just shut up and get off this website gosh do you idiots ever learn that unless you got something nice to say don't say anything at all!

Oh dear | Reviewer: Adam

    ------ About the song Scream And Shout performed by Britney Spears
"The youth these days don't appreciate the greats anymore"
Do you fully understand what great means, I think you meant to say shite.
The Beatles were great, queen were great, Will I am and Britney Spears are what is wrong with music today. Just because it is "made" for a club doesn't justify how absolutely awful this song is.

independentgirl | Reviewer: madison

    ------ About the song Oops!... I Did It Again performed by Britney Spears
I don't like this song it so childess i am a music predecour ok i thought i will pick you but when i heard your song i not now i wish you should not wrote that song ok

wow this song is awesome thanks britney | Reviewer: dona

    ------ About the song Born To Make You Happy performed by Britney Spears
This song make my day me and my boyfriend broke up so my bestfriend play this song for me it was just so cool I was crying but now I know boys are just don't know what to say but thanks britney u are awe

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